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GeoDomeDesign: a fascinating sustainable concept!

Natural form: Creating a volume with the help of spherical constructions is a well-known principle in nature. Because with this method a maximum volume may be realized with a minimum of material. When using geodetic segmentation, the sphere is partitioned into triangular planes in a three-dimensional way. The geodetic geometry is a natural principle of form;

Efficient geometry: A geodetic dome has a certain geometry that ensures an equal distribution of the used building material, which results in optimum strength and stiffness. It is one of the most efficient building systems applied for creating a large space. This efficient geometry leads up to a maximum result with the used materials and (financial) means;

Large spans: The efficient geometry of a geodetic dome makes it possible to realize an extremely limited constructional height, which makes it possible to create large spans as well. The constructional height is only about 1/200 part of the span. That creates the possiblity to realize a geodetic dome with an unlikely large diameter of 350 meters!

Wooden constructions: When making a choice regarding the material for a dome construction, wood outpoints other materials on several points. At a similar strength wood is has the same weight as steel, but a much larger mass. This is a great advantage for pressure-loaded poles. With the right choice of wood little maintenance will be necessary.

Easy transport and assembly: The parts of geodetic domes are relatively short and light, which is a major plus with regard to transport and assembly. The wooden poles and steel connectors are produced in Holland and transported to the building site in containers. The dome construction can be assembled without use of scaffolding.

Environment-friendly and sustainable: Geodesic domes have a high level of environment friendliness and sustainability due to the low environmental impact of their fabrication. The timber used carries the fsc label, showing that it comes from forests which are sustainably managed without exhausting the earth’s energy and mineral resources. The extremely efficient hemispherical structure ensures that a maximum of volume is achieved using a minimum of materials. The spherical shape also minimizes thermal losses.