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GeoDomeDesign is a collaboration between Lüning Consultancy for technical timberwork and the Dutch Architectural office Arc2 architects.

Emil Lüning - Lüning consultancy for technical timberwork

Emil Lüning, founder of Lüning consultancy, has a longstanding fascination for geodesic domes. As a timber frame specialist, he has taken the structural principles of Buckminster Fuller and rendered them in wood, developing a novel hub connector to simplify the fabrication and erection of the domes. His consultancy Adviesbureau Lüning has been a trend setter in the engineering of technical timberwork and geodetic domes for over thirty years. Adviesbureau Lüning also prepares all the production drawings of the various dome components (the wooden struts and the steel connectors).

Gert-Jan de Jong - Arc2 architects

Gert-Jan de Jong, architect and founder of Arc2 architects, regards architecture as a synthesis of three primary ingredients: space, structure and context. The firm’s name, Arc2 architects, is an abbreviation of the Dutch words architectuur (architecture), ruimte (space), constructie (= structure) and context; hence A = rc2. Arc2 is an innovative practice where we strive to transform the client’s wishes into pleasant, inspiring spaces in which structural elements play an expressive role. The integration of engineering with visual design is a matter of course for Arc2. Our designs are always shaped by their relation to the context, and we give a high priority to achieving an intelligent equilibrium of the project with its surroundings and to respecting the natural environment.

Nature as a source of inspiration
Intelligence and logic are a primary component of Gert-Jan de Jong’s designs, and he is also keen to find examples in nature. 'Nature shows us how organisms can achieve optimal results with minimal means. In these forms, the structure is a logical ingredient of the functional and aesthetic quality. They are moreover exceptionally efficient as spatial structures.' These inspiration sources reveal themselves in De Jong’s designs as cost-efficiency and elegant structures that have a logical loadbearing capacity. De Jong’s training in structural engineering clearly stands him in good stead in this respect. The structure is an essential and indispensable part of the architectural form.

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